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Handmade Blessings soaps are  produced in Crete with the method of  cold saponification with olive oil, almond oil , coconut oil,essential oils,herbs and can be used safely on face.

They do not dry the skin because they contain chemicals, parabens, minerals, synthetic materials and foaming.

Although they do not contain foaming ingredients  they  foam, clean moisturize and nourish the skin. The foaming action is due to the natural oils contained along with the oil.


How to use soap on face ?


1.Select  the soap that suits you.



2.Rub the  soap gently in your hands  until you make rich foam.



3.Apply gently over  your face using circular upward motions.



4.Alternatively use the soap directly o your face with circular  motions.


5.Rinse off!



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