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Corporate Responsibility

We care about the environment

  •        We do not use chemicals at any stage of manufacturing our products except pure raw materials.
  •         We have ensured that energy consumption in our workshop during the production process is low and does not exceed 8kw. This way, we protect the environment and save energy at the same time.
  •        We do not use animal ingredients (except milk, wax and propolis), we do not experiment on animals and we do not use ingredients that have been tested on animals, in strict compliance with the laws and regulations of the European Union for Cosmetics and the National Organization for Medicines.


We care for society

  •        We are interested in developing the viability of our community. We support the local society and we want to enhance the fine products of our country. We cooperate with the Kritsa Agricultural Cooperative for the Production of Olive Oil. We use honey, milk and herbs that we purchase from local producers.
  •         We promote wellness tourism and all kinds of services that respect the tradition of this place in personal care and well-being combined with a clean environment. We collaborate with SPAs where we promote Greek treatments for the best possible hospitality.
  •        We actively support the idea of recycling. We avoid the use of plastic in our packaging. We use paper and glass so that they can be recycled. We try to use the least amount of paper for our general operation.