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Source of inspiration

The small blessings that give us "inspiration"

1. Blue of the Aegean Sea

2. Baths of Helen of Troy

3. Smells of herbs

4. Cretan olive oil


Our inspiration in detail

Blue of the Aegean Sea

The endless blue, the saltiness, and the sound of the wave as it pops over the beach, all bring peace to the soul. This is Greece; this is we.

Baths of Helen of Troy

From the baths of Helen of Troy to Helen's services of modern everyday life. Rituals and recipes from ancient Greek baths are the basis for relaxation, revitalization, and mental uplift.

Smells of herbs

Herbs are our treasure. Their odor is unique and their medicinal properties heal wounds of the body and of the soul.

Olive oil

The blessed fruits of the Cretan land provide the olive oil.

It is the basis of the Cretan diet and the basis of the "Blessings" products.