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"Blessings" Steps

2004 -It all began in a hot summer in Agios Nikolaos of Crete. Mrs. Maria, whose hobby was making homemade cosmetics, decides to open her own business, making her dream come true: To enclose in small boxes the magic and scents of the Cretan land.

2006 -She begins her studies and after taking a degree in aromatherapy, she creates a small workshop for manufacturing handmade soaps and opens the first store specializing in handmade soap of cold saponification, on the basis of the Cretan olive oil and essential oils.

The products are named "blessing". This means blessings for everyone.

 2009-The business grows, the needs increase and so does the passion to create. Because of this, soap production increases. More types of soaps, with new combinations of essential oils and ornate forms, now adorn the wide range of the Blessings firm.

2011 – Adhering to the philosophy that the body is the temple of the soul and that it needs treatment, the realization of a great idea begins: the creation of an integrated skin care.  The range of products is enriched with body butters, on the basis of the Cretan Virgin olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil and cocoa butter, body and face srub.

2012-After attending approved seminars, body care oils with perfumed essential oils are created as well. An integrated body treatment, an entire Spa process, from cleansing to relaxation, is now generously offered by the product line "blessings".

2014 - Wishing to give a little of the magic and purity of its products to the rest of Greece and beyond its borders as well, “Blessings” creates a modern e-shop. All products, beautiful thoughts, useful beauty tips, are now ready for use. By all kinds of people from any part of Greece and from abroad.

2015 - As a result of hard work, "blessings" products are now used in facial and body treatments at the Spa of some of the largest hotels in Greece.

2017- Today, the workshop has been moved to a new bigger space, with a new team and fresh ideas. The facilities of "Blessings" are located in the area of Vathi just outside the town of Agios Nikolaos. Next to an olive grove, close to the Cretan land, we are inspired, we create, test, and constantly renew our products.