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Essential oils

Essential oils are the aromatic and therapeutic power of nature condensed in liquid form.


They are the extractions from the turnip glands of the roots, barks, peels, stalks and blossoms of various aromatic plants, herbs and trees.


Aromatherapy (aroma + therapy) is based on the use of essential oils. Just as the etymology of the word show us, it’s about an alternative method of “therapy” for problematic states of the human body and mind.


The therapeutic use of essential oils has been primordial effective mostly because of their antiseptic qualities.


Some of their main beneficial functions are:


- Stimulating the body


- Relaxation and tranquility


- Against stress, depression, insomnia, headaches and migraines


- Relief from acne, inflammations, colds, arthritis, rheumatisms, muscular pains and spasms


Essential oils differ from common oils such as olive oil because they don’t leave residues on fabrics and they evaporate in direct contact with the atmosphere.


There are various ways to use and apply them but also there are some precautions for safe usage.