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Innovation & Exclusivity

"following extensive research we have managed to create a unique formula, which has been patented within the european union and around the wrold"



We are the 1st company to apply for the production of our products olive oil which has been enriched with olive leaf extracts, known for their positive benefits for human skin Our olive oil base used in all our products, is high in Olive Leaf Extract. It is highly recommendable to formulate cosmetic products for skin and hair protection against oxidative processes, protection of UV rays, cosmetic products with anti-irritant activity, cosmetic products with anti aging activity and cosmetic products with purifying and antiseptic activity due to its high levels of antioxidants, vitamin E, flavonoids, phenols and oleuropein. It can also be used to formulate cosmetic products with relaxing activity such as cosmetics for tired legs. Other possible effects are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant.



Our products do not contain water! What does that mean? It means they are chemical free! In Blessings we believe that we can do more with less! Our water free products, require no preservatives and chemicals of any kind, are formulated with natural and ultra nourishing ingredients. Our cosmetic line works in synergy with the skins structure in a natural, progressive, and durable manner to restore the skins health and natural glow.