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"experience with us the timeless philosophy of Greek Spa"


We were inspired from ancient Greek living to showcase the value of natural materials such olive oil, olive leaves, herbs, honey milk and other blessings of Greek and Cretan nature that contribute , maintain and restore the health of body soul and spirit.

We developed the rituals  and recipes from the ancient Greek baths, to offer you, relaxation, rejuvenation, mental and spiritual uplifting with products that provide food for your body and strengthen your inner and outer beauty. 

All our aromas  are unique and based on aromatherapy. We use lots of different  essential oils combinations, herbs  and Cretan olive oil.Blessings is a company that specializes  in producing natural luxurious Greek Spa products that provide blessings of the Greek land, handmade soaps, and aromatherapy products.All Blessings products can be used by people who want to "invest" in themselves. We want to offer Blessings for the body, the mind and the soul.

All our products are separated in treatments that can achieve results for a specific problem not on their own but through different steps. Blessings products are suitable for people who want totally natural products, without chemicals, perfumes and parabens. Suitable for people who choose a natural long term lifestyle.


  • SPA TREATMENTS - PRODUCTS IN BULK: Blessings professional products are designed  and  available in bulk packaging for spa & beauty areas. Blessings gives you the ability  to select and use any of his treatments from its protocol book  that suits you


  • TRAINING: Blessings provides personalized training and education for the blessings treatments, according to your needs and our availability. With the training we will give you all the  the necessary information on how to use blessings products in the best and most efficient way. 


  • AFTERSPA :Focus on care after the spa for a complete experience.


  • BASE OILS & ESSENTIAL OILS: Base Oils, Essential Oils wholesale for your spaces.


  • SPA PERSONLISED TREATMENTS: Blessings opens the way for personilized treatments,giving the possibility to create treatments according to your needs and make your spa unique.


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