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All our aromas are unique and are based on aromatherapy. We use lots of different essential oil combinations and Cretan olive oil. Blessings professional products are designed and available in bulk packaging for spa & beauty areas. Blessings gives you the ability to select and use any of their treatments from her protocol book that suits you.Provides personalized training and education for all treatments, according to your needs and our availability. With the training we will give you all the necessary information on how to use blessings products in the best and most efficient way.

Below you will take a small idea about our treatments. Fur further information please contact us.


RELAX & AROMATHERAPY:A holistic approach. The massage techniques stimulate the lymph and detox the skin.The presence of lavender preserves the hydration of the skin while reducing stress and relaxing soul and mind.

Key Ingredient: Lavender


SENSITIVE CARE:The skin line is specifically created for delicate skin, sunburns. An ideal option for the sensitive prenatal period and even for kids!
Soothing and cooling, reduces redness and irritation, healing and calming effects with anti inflam-mentory and antiseptic benefits. Leaves a sense of freshness and relief.

Key Ingredients: aloe vera, calamine, chamomile, calendula


RADIANCE & ENERGISING:This line promises to give energy, toning and luminosity. The face treatment’s main ingredient is the orange. The vitamin C provides relief for dull sallow skin and leaves it absolutely radiant and healthy. Orange, tangerine and lemon for the body treatments have got renewing and toning action.

Key Ingredients:orange, tangerine, lemon, oats


DETOX & FRESHNESS:Detox line for all skin types. Pine essential oil and clay are starring here and offer a sense of fresh-ness and cleanliness. The face treatment is ideal for oily skin and men

Key Ingredients: pine, mint, lavender


FIRST AGING SIGNS:ace and neck treatment with the essence of a rose garden!Ideal to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, for dry skin even for acne or rosacea.

Key Ingredients: rose petals, geranium


ANTI CELLULITE: Intensive treatments that indivi-dually or as a combination promise to bring the cellulite to an end and sculpt a perfect silhouette!

Key Ingredients: cypress , mint, eucalyptus , rosemary


CELL REJUVENATING: Cell restoration with goat milk. Cleopatra's secret beauty elixir makes a dynamic comeback and we rediscover its beneficial properties.
Anti-aging, deeply nourishing and hydrating are only few of the benefits that provides the skin with. With tangerine, chamomile, ylang ylang and lavender this line will definetly become everyone’s favourite.

Key Ingredients: goat milk, tangerine ylang ylang, chamomile, lavender


BEE-LIFITNG: Honey...Nature’s lifting...! The Bee lifting constitutes an integrated recommendation for skin nourishment, repair and firmness.

Key Ingredients: honey, vanilla, lavender


MUSCLE RELIEF:The muscle relief line aims to reduce muscular tension, aches and pain. It helps to escape into a state of deep relaxation.

Key ingredients: black pepper, mint, thyme, marjoram, lavender


JET LAG RECOVERY:This is a rebalancing treatment especially reccomended after a long trip.

Key ingredients: mastic, tangerine, epsom


HANDS & FEET CARE: Blessings brings it to the edge! Nail treatments should be accom-panied by peeling and hydrating balm.

Key ingredients: vanilla, mastic, mint


HAMMAM:Feel like kings and queens! Steam, moroccan soap peeling, hair wash and mask with rosemary and nettle and deeply relaxing massage.

Key ingredients: roemary, nettle, moroccan soap


HERBAL PINDAS:A combination of herbs from Cretan earth and all around Greece. Olive leaves and citrus peels consist the main filling of these herbal poultices. Soaked in warm organic oil help to improve the prana flow, they ease aches and stimulate circulation.

Key ingredients:olive leaves, mastic, citrus